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*Lifes Abundance -Small/Med Breed Puppy Dry Food 

*Lifes Abundance- Pork & Venison Canned Puppy Food

*Lifes Abundance- Ultra Pure Omega Fish Oil

*Lifes Abundance Turkey & Berry Soft Chewie Treats

*NuVet Plus Immune System Builder

Make Sure To Have These 5 Items On Hand BEFORE Your Pups Arrival​
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Your Pup Is Currently Eating...
At Karen's Every Puppy & Adult Gets A Daily 
NuVet Plus Immune System Builder Wafer!!

 Our dogs love these chewable wafers they think these are treats and come running when they hear the rattle of the container


Puppies under 5 pounds - Feed A Half Wafer OR Half Scoop NuVet Plus Powder 

Puppy over 5 pounds - 1 wafer OR 1 Scoop NuVet Plus Powder

Adults - 1 NuVet Plus Wafer OR 1 Scoop NuVet Plus Powder

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Things To Know BEFORE You Place An Order 

How long will a bag stay fresh? 

Life's Abundance makes food in very small fresh batches. When your delivery arrives it is only a maximum of 4-6 weeks old. Pet store brands are mass produced and can be up to a year old by time the food gets to the consumer and wont expire for another year or two. Did you know the fresher the food is the more nutritious it is for your puppy. We suggest only ordering the amount of food you will use within 6 months time. 

How do I get the wholesale price? 

There are 2 ways to get the wholesale price. You can set up your deliveries for autoship, The other way is to become a Life's Abundance Field Rep Distributor. If this is something you think you may be interested in you can click here to learn more.  

How often should I order or have Autoship delivered? 

Below is a chart to help you determine how long a bag will last you. On average estimate feeding your puppy 1 to 1.25 cups a day. As pups grow and mature amounts may need to be adjusted depending on your dogs individual metabolism. Remember you can always adjust the autoship timing Life's Abundance is just a phone call away. If you need a different calculation to find how long a bag size will last just divide the number shown in the cups per bag column by the amount you feed daily.  

Both examples below calculated using the S/M Puppy 17.6 pound bag  

Example #1 -Your schnauzer eats 2/3rd cup AM and another 2/3rd cup PM totaling 1.33 cups a day. 64 divided by 1.33 = 48 days 

Example #2 - You have two Mini Schnauzer puppies each eating 1.25 cups a day totaling 2.50 cups. 64 divided by 2.50 = 25 days 

Did you run out of food before your next shipment arrived?

Don't worry. Here is our suggestions... DO NOT feed your pup/dog another brand of food the sudden change in diet can make a miniature schnauzer very ill with vomiting and diarrhea. Just feed your pup baked boneless skinless chicken breast and brown rice until your food arrives. To avoid running out of food in the future get set up on autoship and receive a discounted price. 20 pounds every 9 weeks is good timing between deliveries for 1 schnauzer (40 pounds for 2 schnauzers)  

Life's Abundance Ultra Pure Omega 3 Fish Oil

Suggested daily usage for dogs: 
 2-4 lbs. .... 0.5 mL
 5-9 lbs. ... 1.0 mL
 10-20 lbs. .....2.0 mL

CLICK HERE-Ten reasons why pets should take fish oil. 

How To Safely Switch Foods/Formulas

We switch our adults 18 months and older to Life's Abundance/All Life Stages  CLICK PLAY ON VIDEO to learn how to gradually switch to a new food/formula over a period of 10 days to avoid gastrointestinal upset.

 Treats & Chews

Besides giving our adults their daily NuVet Plus and Fish Oil. We LOVE to reward good behavior with Life's Abundance HEALTHY Treats and Chews. You really cant go wrong with any of them. The chews will help satisfy their natural urge to chew, release pent up energy and help keep their teeth clean. The Life's Abundance baked treats should have been labeled "Healthy Snacks" Dr Jane formulated each one with a healthy purpose as well as healthy ingredients.

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We Feed Puppies 0-18 months
We Feed Adults 18 months & up